Panzer Strategy is a tactical wargame, where the outcome of the battle depends on your actions. The game offers a never-before-seen level of tactic options. Prepare your own strategy, develop the army, appoint suitable commanders and rationally manage your forces in battles. Find out how to turn the terrain, weather and time of the day into your advantages.

In Panzer Strategy there are dozens of historically accurate military machinery and weaponry types, each with a unique set of traits. Learn about their strong and weak sides to manage them resolutely and effectively.

Every part of Panzer Strategy gameplay is created to offer you the most immersive and intense experience of WWII battlefields.


With Panzer Strategy you will find yourself in the epicenter of the largest war conflict in the history. You will experience the life of legendary World War II generals.

The plot of Panzer Strategy will bring you through WWII key battles. The course of history depends on how well you’ll execute your operations.

The most diverse set of missions in the genre is waiting for you. There are sudden tank advances, an air war, a naval blockade and a coast landing. Each time you will have to choose the best strategy on your own.