Weaponry & Equipment

You can improve your units by attaching additional equipment, armament and ammunition so they will acquire new battle traits. In Panzer Strategy you can utilize:

  • The fire support sub-units such as a machine-gun company, self-propelled air defense sub-units, mortar detachment, snipers, an assault group, antitank sub-elements, a reconnaissance or a sabotage group. All of these sub-units will increase the firepower of your forces.
  • Supplementary equipment that increases the stats of your units and helps them cross difficult terrain. A floating equipment is used for forcing water barriers and landing right into the sea or somewhere close to the shore. A towboat carrier for the infantry and artillery units allows to move faster and increases ammunition allowance. A mine exploder for tanks allows to eliminate minefields. Additional containers increase machinery’s fuel capacity. And there is an air radar that allows you to locate enemy planes and ships at a greater distance.
  • The armament and ammunition for all kinds of your forces. A white phosphorus projectile is a special ammunition for artillery and tanks. A high-explosive projectile is used by tanks and anti-tank weapons. A rocket-assisted projectile is an ammunition with extended range for some types of German artillery. Boxes of uncontrolled rocket projectiles are a powerful aircraft ammunition for the first strike. A torpedo is a deadly weapon against ships. A bomb hung on the fighter plane worsens the plane’s flight qualities, but it gives an opportunity to strike overland target effectively.