The realistic war: the role of terrain and weather

We have tried to make the most realistic war game in the genre of turn-based strategy. As in the real war, the proper use of terrain in Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg helps to work out a war-winning strategy.

The mixed terrain in the game.

Taking terrain into account is the important factor of a realistic war in the game

Panzer Strategy:Blitzkrieg. There are the following types of terrain in the game: the plain, the furrowed field, the wood, the marsh, the irregular terrain, the desert, the river, the ocean.

The terrain influences directly the effectiveness of various units; the speed of an offensive, the parameters of defence and visibility. For example, on the plain the armoured units can realize their quickness and striking power advantages to the maximum. But rivers, woods, mountains and marshes hinder their tactical activity very much. Hence, it is impossible to go without the infantry.

Rivers create serious problems for all the tank and mechanized units. Floating equipment and a pontoon bridge are required to force a crossing over them.

The terrain characteristics are influenced not only by the type of terrain but also by the things situated on it. Mountains give a bonus point to the defence of the units that are located there and don’t allow to deliver fire in a straight line.

Roads expedite troops transfer. They also facilitate the delivery of ammunition and supplies, so you will have to consider the routes of communication in your strategy.

Urban area and fortifications give a bonus point to the defence; however, tanks are ineffective in the city.

Take weather into account!

Weather conditions are the important factor of the realism of military actions in the game.

For example, in sub-zero temperatures water barriers are frozen and the units can cross them without obstruction. But when the weather is nasty, the time of impassable roads begins, making the terrain difficult to traverse. Besides, the bad weather hinders air operations.

The time of day

There is alternation of day and night in the city battles and some other missions. At night time planes become invisible and can freely conduct a surface attack. Only radar sets allow to locate them.