Environment & Surroundings

There are a lot of different terrain types in the game that affect the gameplay. Plants, furrowed fields, woods, marsh, irregular terrain, desert, cities, rivers and oceans – all of those directly affect the effectiveness of your units: the speed of an offense, the parameters of defense and visibility etc. A few examples of terrain that you’ll find in the game:

  • Water creates serious problems for all the tanks and mechanized units. In order to cross rivers floating equipment and a pontoon bridges are required.
  • Heights won’t allow you to fire in a straight line and will give you a bonus point to the defense of the units located there.
  • Roads speed up the troops movement. They are also helpful in ammunition and supplies delivery, so you will have to consider the routes of communication in your strategy.
  • Forests, urban areas and fortifications give an additional protection for your units, but there is a little use for a tank offense there.

Weather conditions are an important factor too. In sub-zero temperatures water becomes frozen and your units can cross it easily. But when the weather is humid it is hardly possible to cross any type of water terrain. And there are storms in the game that can hinder air operations.

Also there is a change of day and night in some scenarios. At night planes become invisible and can freely conduct a surface attack, because only radar sets allow to locate them.

So plan your operations and command troops wisely because proper use of terrain, weather and time of the day in Panzer Strategy will be your a key to winning the war.