The Panzer Strategy in early acess now

As it was promised, Panzer Strategy went online in the Steam early access. If earlier we could present only screenshots and the video to the audience, but now everyone can try out the game individually.

Panzer Strategy в Стиме
Buy, play and leave your comments!

Why the early access?

Because it is very important for us to know the community’s opinion about the game. Panzer Game is in the process of development, that’s why, it would be better to bring about any changes right now. Your advice and comments are very helpful for us.

Having trying out the game , the users can help us make it better.

What are the advantages of the early access?

The present price for the game is 50 per cent lower than the planned one after the release.

Everyone buying Panzer Strategy in the early access will get an exclusive one in game bonus in the full version!

What are the users obtaining now?

The version in the early access is entirely fit for work. In it there are most kinds of mechanics providing a fully functional game: command-staff skills, supply, power- leveling, unit customization and so on.

All things considered, the version in the early access provides acquaintance with gameplay, the training of basic tactical techniques and can give several hours of the absorbing game on the two maps: “The Battle of Madrid” and “Plan “Weiss”.

The differences of the full version

After the release the full range of game options will be available. Mine fields, ground radars, air reconnaissance will appear.

The campaign will consist of 18 missions. The other 16 maps are being actively improved and tested.

The battles on the ground, on the sea and in the air are waiting for the players!

When will be the release?

The release will be in three months after appearing the version of the early access in Steam.

Buy, play and leave your comments!