World War II was raging in the skies, in the seas and on land. That’s why Panzer Strategy is focused on presenting a diverse gaming experience and offering a wide range of WWII operations.

The following types of WWII missions are waiting for you in the game:

  • Classic offense and defense missions.
  • City battles with all the difficulties of urban warfare.
  • Breaking out of an encirclement and a withdrawal of your forces under the continuous enemy pressure.
  • Evacuation missions where you have to rescue your troops from the enemy blockade.
  • An air or amphibious landing operation. You have to land your forces, organize supplies and conduct a raid – capture an enemy objective and destroy their headquarters.
  • Pursuit. When the enemy is weakened and is retreating, it is necessary to not let them withdraw the troops.
  • Air supremacy. It is a special mission where only the aircraft and a ground-based air defense are available.
  • A naval battle – a special mission type for the naval and air forces.

During the campaign you’ll find out that all the operations are connected with one another. Depending on the outcome of your previous battles, starting conditions can be altered in the next one. But not only primary missions determine the outcome of the campaign. Side missions also play an important role. Capture the enemy’s headquarters, acquire an industrial plant equipment before the enemy evacuates it, kill an enemy hero – these secondary goals are historically accurate to the real course of the various WWII operations. If they are not achieved, your mission will still be considered to be accomplished, but it can alter the further events.