The Second World War vehicles in the game

Are you an armoured vehicle or aircraft fan of the 30s-40s of the last century?

Panzer Strategy allows to test the various specimens of the Second World War military machines in practice.

Nearly all the models of the light, medium and heavy tanks of Germany, the USA, Great Britain, the USSR, France, Poland are represented in the game. In this case, we have tried to approximate the characteristics of gaming military machines to the reality as much as possible. For example, the German tank “Tiger” is known not to have been notable for its high level running performance. The same occurs in the game: “Tigers” are capable of breaking the enemy defence, but medium “Panthers” are suited for a rapid offensive best of all. Test out, how effective the hordes of rapid Soviet Tanks T-34 are against the mighty but not numerous German machines. Or would it be better to use allied tactics and raze all to the ground with the help of aircraft? Tanks are known to fight rarely in isolation from the rest of forces.

There are many possible tactical decisions in Panzer Strategy, because all the classes of ww2 vehicles are present here:

  • armoured fighting vehicles,
  • self-propelled guns,
  • air defence guns,
  • antitank and howitzer artillery,
  • fighter planes,
  • tactical and strategical bombers,
  • and such specific units as armoured trains and river ship-monitors.

In spite of the fact that Panzer Strategy is primarily a tank game, full-scale naval battles with the participation of large warships ( battleships, cruisers, torpedo boat destroyers) and submarines are possible in it.

In the game ships follow more intricate pattern than the ground units: everyone has the various types of armaments, including air defence guns, torpedoes and antisubmarine bombs. The ship can shoot from every type of weapon during the turn or can lose any of it from an enemy attack.

In general, take command over the armada of ww2 vehicle and make history with their help!