The plot of the game: is it the renewed Panzer General or anything else?

We are intensely keen on the wargames Panzer General and the games which are similar to them. And we, as the real fans of this series, always wondered: what could be improved in these games? The answer was apparent: to improve graphics making the output like Panzer General 3d but more sophisticated.

We have decided to go further and besides the graphics, to focus on the experience which will be gained by the player. And what is needed for the purpose? Of course, an interesting plot.

It seems that everything is evident and well-organized in the History of the Second World War. But actually, do most of us know what caused the Third Reich and Allies to make fateful decisions? And which course would History have taken under the alternative outcome of one or another operation?

Unlike Panzer General which, in reality, is simply a set of battles, joined together by the common historic period, Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg will give you a vivid picture of the bloodiest armed conflict in the history. You will personally attend the meetings of Hitler’s Headquarters and get to know what decisions have been made by Fuhrer for the sake of Germany’s future and how he makes his subordinates be responsible for their errors and failures. The behaviour of all the gaming characters is based on the evidence of documentary sources. We have carefully investigated this question to model the historic reality as accurate as possible.

The plot of the game is non-linear and can be developed in very different ways. In fact, the outcome of any mission is reflected on the course of the war. For example, the Battle of Britain, won in the campaign of Reich, opens access to the Operation Sea Lion- Wehrmacht landing on the British Isles. As you know, Hitler wanted to launch this invasion but the failure of The Luftwaffe strategic air offensive dropped his plans.

In much the same way, everything depends on whether the Soviets will succeed in evacuating their tank-building industry from Kharkov in 1941, manage to avoid encirclement near Barvenkovo during the summer offensive in 1942 and so on.

In general, the plotline of Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg has been developed in such a way, that it can be played through many times, and every time you will open something new. If you are fond of wargames and military history, a few exciting game hours are likely to be waiting for you!