It seems that everything is evident and well-organized in the history of World War II. But do most of us, though, know what caused the Third Reich and Allies to make decisions that have affected the course of war? Panzer Strategy presents you a full picture of the bloodiest armed conflict in the history of humanity.

Along with your character you will be present at the meetings with your country’s leader, participate in political-military decisions and then put them into practice on the battlefield! You can experience these historical events from different angles. In the Blitzkrieg campaign you can choose one of the three German WWII generals as your main character – Erwin Rommel, Erich von Manstein and Heinz Guderian. Every commander has his own temper as well as specific skills and bonus points for his army.

But it depends only on your military leadership skills whether the Germans will manage to turn the tides of war – or the Third Reich will be smashed and will disappear forever. While the game is based on historical archives, its plot is non-linear and can be developed in many different ways. So with every Panzer Strategy playthrough you’ll discover something new.