Tactical skills

Panzer Strategy is a strategy war game, where all the battle actions are reproduced with a maximum vividness. What about entrapping enemy troops, having cut off the supply or organizing a night bombardment of blinded enemy?

Your troops are not faceless counters on the map! Reman them rationally, appoint deserving commanders, harden your troops in battles. Learn to turn the terrain, the weather and time of day into the factors of your strength. Use the mobility and might of tank units, but don’t forget about supply!

In this strategy game the historically authentic military machine models are accessible for you including the armoured trains and monitors. Learn about their strong and weak points. All this will bring you keys to a victory!

War strategy: run Blitzkrieg!

With Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg you will find yourself in the epicentre of the most enormous war conflict in the human history and feel yourself one of the legendary generals of the Second World War.

The plot of this strategy war game will bring you through the key battles in Europe and Africa. History is happening here. What history will be depends on how perfectly you will plan and carry out your operations.

The most diverse missions are waiting for you. They are tank sudden advances, an air war, a naval blockade and landing troops on the coast. You will also have to participate in the city assaults where a combat for every building will be going.

Any play mission can be fulfilled in very different ways. You choose the best strategy on your own. A frontal attack is beyond your power, isn’t it? Disrupt the enemy supply lines and look, how the hostile vehicle units are turning into useless stuff. Or seize the headquarter and obtain information about the location of enemy forces!