In Panzer Strategy the campaign tree includes twenty various missions, arranged non-linearly. Some of them are accessible depending on the results of other missions.

There are three mission victory types in Panzer Strategy: brilliant, usual and tactical. The type of victory depends on the time spent and the fulfillment of additional objectives. A defeat can change the turn of the campaign and it can also lead to a complete failure in the war.

If you have succeeded in a campaign, the result could be different: from the entire world supremacy to the global peace, when you have to negotiate with yesterday’s enemy. You are not expected to follow the real course of historical events, everything depends on your actions and decisions.

Only the German campaign is available now, but eventually the others will be added – the USSR campaign, in which communists will try to establish a new global order and the Allied campaign, in which the USA and Great Britain are expected to overthrow the Hitler regime.