Units & Skills

Tanks are your main force in Panzer Strategy. But along with them, there are many other units on the battlefield: infantry, reconnaissance, howitzer and anti-tank artillery, air defense units, bomber and fighter aircraft, warships and armored trains.

All of them gradually acquire unique properties. You can improve your units with additional skills: to entrench themselves quickly, to regulate an artillery fire, to destroy tanks, to give fire support etc. Most skill types are unique for their class: ‘Breakthrough’ is only available for heavy tanks, ‘The spotter’ is for reconnaissance and infantry units, ‘The tank hunter’ is for tanks and anti-tank guns. But some are accessible to all ground units – like the ‘Trench war veteran’ skill. Also, you can strengthen your forces with various support units such as a machine gun company, scout-saboteurs, snipers, tank destroyers, floating equipment and so on. With all of the above, you can bring your units up to strength with a maximum flexibility to accomplish various tactical missions – from anti-tank defense to breaking the enemy front.

During the campaigns, some real-life heroes of World War II can join the ranks of your army. Those soldiers are the main characters of the game. You can get acquainted with their story and set them out for a battle. Every war hero appears in the game exactly in the period when his war career began in reality. These soldiers are attached to a suitable unit (infantry, tanks or aircraft) and impact its skills and experience – so you get units with unique traits and abilities.