City Battle

We have decided to add some complementary fun in the game. How about the perspective to go across Red Square with Guderian’s tanks in 1941 or assault Leningrad with its artillery forts and torpedo – boat destroyer ring in the navigating channel of the Neva.

For this purpose we have worked out a city battle regime – an alternative gameplay variant which allows to play on the tactical level preserving the basic mechanics of the hexagonal turn-based strategy.

The essential battle differences in the city:

  • The timescale in the city battle is increased – one pace corresponds to an hour of the real time. If the battle lasts too long, night will set in. In the night time the visibility worsens, aircraft and air defence effectiveness decreases.
  • The urban area consists of separate buildings which can hinder a survey, direct lying fire and the military vehicles passing by. The building can be occupied by the infantry, damaged or turned into ruins by bombardments and shooting attacks.
  • The infantry can leave the sniper in the building. If it dominates over the surrounding urban area, the range of the sniper fire increases.
  • Making a survey from the dominating building the reconnaissance receives a normal survey radius without any hindrances from the side of the surrounding buildings.
  • The supply factor is cancelled in the city battle. Though the special ammunition restrictions are preserved.