War heroes

Millions of people took part in the Second World War. The memory about the majority of them has preserved only in the form of statistic figures and tablets on the grave stones. But there were those for whom the war became a glory hour because their war talent opened to the full extent. They showed themselves on the battlefields, and in a very short time green recruits and unknown officers turned into stern soldiers and skilled military leaders. The name of the Second War heroes remained written in the history forever.

In Panzerstrategy: Blitzkrieg they are main characters of play game. We can get acquainted with their story and set out for a battle. Every war hero appears in the game exactly in that period when in reality his war career began. However appropriate conditions must be fulfilled to make the hero appear. They are the destruction of a definite amount of enemy forces.

The hero is attached to an appropriate unit (infantry, tank, air) and imparts his skills and experience. So that, we obtain units with unique characteristics.

For example, the German ace Erich Alfred Hartmann appears in the game not until November 1942, when he shot down his first aircraft. He is skilled in free hunting, perfectly possesses the art of an ambush attack and pursues an object till he doesn’t reach it. Hartmann is a threat for bombers and less skilled fighter pilots.

Richard Winters is an American officer of Parachute Infantry Regiment and the hero of “The Brécourt Manor Assault”. He appears on Day D. He is a bold commander, a specialist in flight operations of small landing groups and in the destruction of fortifications and artillery positions.

Jack Churchill nicknamed “Mad Jack” is a British officer of elite force. He is known for his invincible spirit and the habit of using medieval Scottish weapons in the battle, He appears in the game in May 1940 when he made his first attack on the German patrol, having shot a hostile soldier from a bow. Jack possesses many sabotage skills , besides, he easily takes a demoralized enemy unit prisoner.

Vasiliy Zaitsev – a Russian sniper, the hero of the Battle of Stalingrad. He appears in September 1942. He is an excellent hunter on hostile snipers. Literally, he doesn’t allow the enemy units “to put out heads”. He neutralizes infantry and even armoured vehicles, shooting on the triplexes.

Of course, it isn’t the full list of the Second World War heroes, represented in the game. By the way, there are heroes in the enemy units too. Find them and neutralize!