The fire support

You may improve the units by attaching additional equipment, armament, ammunition to them. As a result, they will acquire new fighting characteristics.

It will be told below, which improvements of your troops are accessible in the game.

The fire support sub-units

  • The machine-gun company. The light, medium and heavy machine-guns can be attached to any overland combat unit. They improve its attack specifications, as well as are an air defence weapon. The heavy and medium machine-gun can fight against armoured vehicles.
  • The self-propelled air defence sub- unit is tactically a machine-gun company analogue but it is only attached to the mechanized units.
  • The mortal detachment is attached to the infantry units. The mortar can give direct fire support to the unit during the battle. It hits armoured and unarmoured targets, as well as fortifications and minefields. Its mines fly an arching trajectory and can hit a target behind the ground folds.
  • The sniper is attached to the reconnaissance and infantry units. The sniper destroys and neutralizes unarmoured targets but is useless against armoured vehicles.
  • The assault group eliminates enemy fortifications.
  • The antitank sub-elements. The American tank fighters are armed with bazookas, the German ones are armed with panzerfausts. The antitank rifles are used by the rest of army.
  • The reconnaissance and sabotage group increases security, helps to locate enemy units and heroes. It gives an opportunity to snatch prisoners and inquire valuable information.

The additional equipments

  • The floating equipment is used for forcing water barriers and for landing from the transport right into the sea, not far from the shore. It can carry any military equipment weighing up to 30 tons.
  • The towboat is a carrier for the infantry and artillery units. The towboat helps to move at  greater speed and increases ammunition allowance.
  • The mine exploder is hung on the tank and allows to eliminate minefields. Though, the tank speed and fighting characteristics worsen.
  • The additional containers for tanks and planes increases fuel capacity. Although the plane ammunition allowance decreases.
  • The air radar allows to locate enemy planes and ships at a great distance. The plane with air radar always locates an enemy in the air beforehand and in case of need it can avoid action.

The armament and ammunition

The white phosphorus projectile is special ammunition for artillery and tanks. It inflicts heavy losses on both armoured and unarmoured targets.

The high-explosive projectile is used by tanks and antitank weapons for fighting effectively against enemy armoured vehicles.

The rocket – assisted projectile is ammunition with extended range for some types of German artillery.

The boxes of uncontrolled rocket projectiles are powerful aircraft ammunition for the first strike. It inflicts great damage on all the unarmoured targets.

The torpedo is a deadly weapon against ships. It can be hung on the fighter and bomber planes.

A bomb hung on the fighter plane worsens greatly the plane’s flight qualities but it gives an opportunity to strike overland target effectively.