The blow on communications

Panzerstrategy:Blitzkrieg is a hexagonal strategic game with a high degree of realism of  the military actions. We have already told you about the role of supplies, and now we will explain how to wage war on the enemy communications.

In the art of war the best way of annihilating the strong and dug-in enemy was (and even now is) turning the enemy’s flank and the following encirclement so called “a trap”. The troops, cut off from the base of supply, will begin to “suffocate” from the lack of ammunition. fuel, food provision and so on.

In the hexagonal strategy of Panzerstrategy:Blitzkrieg there is also an opportunity to “entrap” the enemy.  Simply turn the enemy’s flank and try to seize the hostile depot. The units, that have been in the zone of the enemy’s responsibility, will not receive supplies and soon won’t be able to attack, the motorized ones won’t be able yet to move.

The same effect can be achieved without seizing the depot but simply having blocked the access roads for the supply trucks driving up to the enemy units. The truck will be seized and the supplies will be yours.

You can bomb out the depot with the aircraft. Even not being completely destroyed but only damaged, it won’t be able to supply the enemy units.

And if the railway track between the main point of supply and the depot is bombed out, or an ambush is made, the supplies won’t be delivered to the depot. The effect is the same- the enemy units run short of supply.

In some missions resources are delivered by sea using transport ships. Here you should wage war on the same principle; to sink transport with submarines, aircraft and so on. And if the supplies have been successfully delivered to the port, cut off the railway tracks leading to the depots.