Tank strategy: we use trophies

Panzerstrategy: Blitzkrieg is a tank strategy in which the military equipment of all the main opposing sides of the Second World War is represented. Enemies seized weapons and military equipment in one another and then tried to benefit from that captured military material. Especially the Germans were good at using Polish, French, Czech, Soviet and even British tanks in their army.

We have decided that our tank strategy won’t be realistic enough without the system of trophy usage. So you can use any enemy military equipment if you are able to seize it. How is it happening?

As soon as the enemy unit yield itself prisoner, all its heavy weapons and military equipment are drawn into the reserve of your General Headquarters and can be used for equipping your units. The trophy military material will also be put at your disposal after victories in the offensive missions when the battlefield has remained after you. In this case you restore up to 20% of the destructed enemy military equipment.

Of course, all this trophy military material is put at your disposal without carriages and calculations. That’s why, you must pay prestige points for forming a new unit. You will have to pay for installing equipment which is standard for our army, for instance,  the portable radio set or optical equipment. If the trophy military material is in sufficient quantity, you may rearm the full-fledged operating unit with it, and the disengaged one must be sent in reserve.

After the hostile country appears to have been won, entirely seized or the Separate Treaty has been signed , its military equipment becomes accessible in the shop. In this case you may finish equipping your units on the trophy military material, simply buying it.