The game heroes

We have been building the plot of Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg on the documentary historical material. When a great number of armoured vehicles go into the assault, it looks fascinating, but it is worth remembering that the will of people, who made this military machine and stood at its steering wheel, is behind all this.

You will have to take on the role of one of the famous Ww2 generals.  Along with your character you will be present at the meetings conducted by your country’s leader, participate in discussing the most important political-military decisions and then put them into practice on the battle field!

The additional role-playing constituent will allow you to see historical events in a different light. For instance, on the part of the Third Reich you may choose one of the three German Ww2 generals in the capacity of the main character: Erwin Rommel, Erich von Manstein, Heinz Guderian. Every commander has his own temper as well as specific skills and bonus points which he gives his troops. While playing the plot through you will gain new ranks and rewards.

Go through the Second World War along with your character!