We have done the play editor

The work on our “Tank Strategy” is going on!

Now it is possible to enter unit data in the game and edit their parameters. We have used part of the code from the previous project and created the web-system which allows to look through and editor practically all the game parameters. It is quite possible that it will become a system core for modding in the future.

Game editor
Unit parameters editor

While the work on the mission editor is at the very initial stage, maps are necessary for the work of logic. That’s why we have created a simple editor to set the type of locality, to arrange units, roads and so on. Outwardly it looks primitive enough but from the logical point of view it is the fully functional editor of the game levels.

Map editor
Map editor

As we can see everything functions in accordance with the scheme that is clear enough: the definite amount of parameters should be set to every hex by means of option buttons. This process is time-consuming but it is somewhat simpler than a standard visual editor because all the characteristics of every hex as well as objects on it can be set at once. It isn’t necessary to make a map at first and only then to arrange military equipment and objects of infrastructure.

Such an editor can fulfil the following functions:

With the help of our editor we have already made the first test level Panzer Strategy:

Blitzkrieg on which we will “roll” the play balance. It is a quite serious process in making the game. In case of necessity we can correct unit parameters practically “on the wing”.

And when a balance question is sufficiently worked through, we may start creating a fully functional company. There are instruments for this purpose. In general, our business is moving forward and we are quite satisfied with the work.