Water Barrier

Panzer Strategy is a simple strategy game with a user-friendly gameplay. However, we have tried to make a combat process in it as realistic as possible. One of the elements of this realism is water barriers. They have an important influence on the tactical situation. There are several types of reservoirs in the game.

The ocean

These deep waters are only for vehicles of the sea and submarines to move through.

The coast

The coast is an ocean zone, directly adjacent to the shore. If your units have floating equipment, they can land from the vehicles right on the coastal shoal.

The river

Monitors, river artillery ships, can move along the rivers.

A wide river is a serious barrier for a tank offensive. Mechanized units will simply come to a standstill due to it. Only infantry and amphibious units can force a crossing over this river without training. But, while they are in the water, their fighting efficiency greatly falls down.

Think ahead about floating equipment for your heavy units! The help of sappers will come in handy. They will build a pontoon bridge. Towed units can cross only it.

The channel

A channel is a sufficiently narrow water barrier, that cannot stop tanks and other military machines, but it can somewhat slow down the pace of their offensive, give attack and defence penalty.

Take the reservoirs into account when planning operations and bringing your units up to strength. It will make the playthrough much simpler.