The types of missions

The Second World War was raging in the three elements, and that is why we have decided not to keep the player within the limits of a monotonous ground battle gameplay. Playing Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg, you will gain a wide gaming experience ,commanding  WW2 operations.

While you are going through the campaign, you will be investigating new game mechanics since the missions are polytypic.

The following types of WW2 operations are waiting for you in the game:

  • A classical offensive and defence as Panzer General series.
  • A city battle, which is held according to certain rules, in the game there is an alternation of day and night, that influences the conditions of a battle. The urban area is represented by separate buildings.
  • Breaking out of encirclement. It is necessary to break encirclement and withdraw the troops under the continuous enemy pressure.
  • Evacuation. Your troops are in the semi encirclement on the coast. It is necessary to rescue them, providing a ferry ship embarkation.
  • An air or amphibious landing operation. You must land your troops in the indicated place, organize supplying and conduct a raid, the capture of an enemy objective, the destruction of the Headquarters and so on.
  • Pursuit.  The enemy is weakened and is retreating, it is necessary not to let the enemy withdraw the troops  to the extraction point.
  • Air supremacy. It is a special type of mission., in which only the aircraft and ground-based air defence conduct a battle. In certain cases, the ships and artillery can take part in it. The task is to disrupt the enemy aircraft, the enemy air field and strategic objectives.
  • A naval battle. It is conducted by the naval and air forces. The aim is to sink a certain quantity of enemy battle ships along with transport and not to let the enemy fleet reach a certain point.