Battle of Tobruk

In January 1941, the Ally fought off the important port of Tobruk in Italians, the possession of it opened the way to the control over the whole of eastern Libya. The African Corps of Erwin Rommel, the future Desert Fox, was directed to save the situation.

The German tank forces had the English on the run in Cyrenaica without any difficulty but some problems appeared with Tobruk. The city represented a mighty fortress, surrounding by several defence lines with permanent fire positions, antitank ditches and minefields. Furthermore, Rommel made a mistaken decision to assault from the East, where the fortress defence was particularly strong.

The main phase of the Battle of Tobruk began on April 10 and ended on April 30 1941 with the decisive assault in which participated two tank division of the African Corps and two Italian divisions. This time the fortune wasn’t on Rommel’s side: the assaulting units couldn’t break the allied defence lines, as a result, there were such losses that the further assaults were out of the question. The Germans passed over to the fortress siege which lasted till November 27 and was raised because of the allied offensive (Operation Halberd).

In Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg we have reproduced the facts of the Battle of Tobruk in detail, though you have to change the course of history. In the historic reality, the fortress was seized by Rommel’s forces only in 1942, during the second siege. You must do it in 1941.

Exceed the Desert Fox and accomplish those things in which he didn’t succeed!