The Campaign: the secondary goals of operations

While undertaking the campaign you will find out that all the operations are connected with one another.  Starting conditions in every mission depend on the outcome of the previous battles- not only on the victory or defeat but also on the achievement of the secondary goals. We have tried to insert the elements of historical reality, which are specific for the various Ww2 operations, into the game.

It can be:

  • The seizure of enemy Headquarters.
  • The destruction of all the enemy tank units.
  • The seizure of depots or supplies.
  • The seizure of an objective before its destruction.
  • The seizure of industrial plant equipment before the enemy evacuates it.
  • Killing an enemy hero and so on.

Such secondary goals correspond to the real course of the various Ww2 operations. If they are not achieved-  the mission will be considered to be accomplished at any rate, but the further war running can change.

For example, during the operation “Barbarossa” the Germans have to annihilate the Soviet railway destroyer “Chervyak”. If it doesn’t be done, there will be problems with supplies in the next mission. And having seizes the Soviet tank-building industry in Kharkov ( in reality it was evacuated), the Wehrmacht will  prevent the mass output of the Soviet tanks T- 34. To tell the truth, they will be  replaced by the other military vehicle models.

We hope, that undertaking the mission Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg will be great fun for you!