Bringing troops up to strength

Tank Corps are the main character of our historical war game, but along with them the units of the other types are present on the battle field such as infantry, reconnaissance, howitzer and antitank artillery, air defence, bomber aircraft, fighter aircraft, war ships and armoured trains.

The system of bringing troops up to strength distinguishes Panzer Strategy from the other turn-based historical war games.

To begin with, we will have to assemble a unit out of domestic and trophy hardware. If the military hardware is limited, the unit will go into action without being brought up to full strength- with incomplete strength. Every army has its own armament standards, corresponding to the historical reality. For example, the Germans fixed portable radio sets and Zeiss’s optics on all their tanks.

As new modifications and military machine models appear, unit rearmament can be launched.

You may bring your units up to strength with a maximal flexibility for fulfilling various tactical tasks: from antitank defence to breaking the enemy front. Any one of them acquires gradually unique properties.

First, while gaining experience, you can teach your units additional skills: to entrench themselves quickly and surely, to regulate artillery fire, to destroy tanks, to give fire support to your neighbours. and do many other things. The skills are chiefly specific for a certain type of troops: breakthrough is only for heavy tanks, the spotter is for reconnaissance and infantry, the tank hunter is for tanks and antitank guns.

The skill the trench war veteran is accessible for all the ground units.

Secondly, you can strengthen your units with the various support units such as a machine gun company, scout-saboteurs, snipers, tank destroyers, floating equipment and so on.

Finally, while you are passing through the historical war gameplay Panzer Strategy real heroes will appear in the ranks of your army. You will get acquainted with the tank combat master Michael Wittmann, the ace-fighter Erich Hartmann, the sniper Vasiliy Zaitsev, the paratrooper Richard Winters and many other famous warriors. Everyone possesses a set of unique skills and impart them to the unit he serves.