The project site has received new design.

It is time to tell the world about Panzer Strategy! That is why our small team has engaged in making a site simultaneously working on the game.
The main mission of the web-site game is to acquaint users with the concept of Panzer Strategy, the principles of the game mechanics and help to settle how interesting the given strategy will be for them. The project news will be published here too.
To tell the truth, the site of our game was launched from the very beginning of the project but its appearance was far from perfect. And now at last we have got around to making new “bees
 knees” design.
We have decided to use contemporary solutions in the field of usability. Though the site has been made compact, nevertheless, it is convenient for the user. The maximum navigation is carried out without rebooting a page- simply by scrolling the mouse wheel or pressing on the menu items.
Besides the main page, there are three items on the site:
Tactics, an item about war mechanics and a tactical game constituent.
Blitzkrieg, the strategy of a company’s taking place, the information about mission types, a command staff’s skills, army commanders and heroes.
News. The site developers’ notes, the information about events, actions, in general, about everything that is connected with the project development and promotion will be published here.
The whole content is accessible in two languages: English and Russian.
The work on improving and filling the web site Panzer Strategy is going on. The connection with users are very important for us, that’s why, in prospect we are planning to add a forum for the discussions and debates of any proposals on improving the game.