The gaming landscape

Relief and everything situated on the ground play an important role in the battle. Use the gaming terrain for gaining a tactical advantage.

Tanks are the kings of plains, but marshlands and broken ground are difficult of access for them.

A forest and urban area give an additional protection for troops but are of little use for a tank offensive. But they are convenient for ambushing. If you want to stop the offensive of armoured units with the help of light infantry, use these types of gaming terrain.

All written above is intuitively clear and has already been in the 2nd wargames, similar to Panzer General. But we have decided to bring in an innovation and add the third dimension in the gaming terrain!

Hills in Panzer Strategy is not simply the conventional hexes on the map, but the real mountains, which close the field of vision in a straight line. What follows from it? All, that is hidden behind the mountain, cannot be fired from the direct-fire weapon, even if the range allows. Only howitzer artillery and mortars can hit the target beyond the visual line of sight.

If the hill is occupied by an enemy unit, it receives a defence bonus and only your infantry can assault it. The mechanized units cannot attack the hill from the nearby plain hex because they cannot simply get on it.

However, the mountain isn’t the separate type of the gaming terrain. A forest can grow on it, undeveloped land can be situated here and so on.

Appraise the situation carefully before you try to go by tank across the mountainous, moreover, mountain-forested terrain. On the other side, sometimes unexpected actions become the rightest ones. The famous Ardennes crossing of Panzer Group “Kleist” in May 1940 appeared to be the same operation which brought Hitler a victory over France.

Are you be able to repeat anything like this?