In Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg the campaign tree includes about twenty various missions, arranged non-linearly as in the game Panzer Corps. The accessibility of some of them depends on the results of developing certain missions: victory or defeat.

As in Panzer Corps and other similar wargames, our mission victory varies according to types: brilliant, usual, tactical. The type of victory depends on the speed of its achievement and the fulfilment of additional conditions. The defeat can change the turn of the campaign, and it can also mean a complete failure in the war. In this case, the campaign is considered to be accomplished.

If you have succeeded in holding a complete campaign, the result can differ as well: from the entire world supremacy to the ignoble peace, when you have to negotiate with yesterday’s enemy. In general, the player isn’t expected to follow the real course of historical events- everything depends on his/her actions.

While holding the campaign you will be able to muster units, to power level them, to buy extra equipment and so on. These units will go through the whole war with you, if they don’t perish, of course. During the deployment in a theatre of military operations the attached forces will go into your disposal and then will be placed under your command till the end of the current mission. Meantime, in Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg only one German Campaign is accessible but eventually the other will appear too: the USSR Campaign, in which communists will try to establish a new global order and the Allied Campaign, in which the USA and Great Britain are expected to overthrow the Hitler regime.