Staff Headquarters

Tank game Panzer Strategy is created in classic turn-based wargame genre, resembling Panzer General and Panzer Corps. At the same time we have decided to introduce a series of new mechanics into the game to make it more exciting and realistic. The Staff Headquarters is one of them.

It is a quite new unit type that affects the troops of its country, giving them special skills. The Staff Headquarters has its own skills not depending on the units.

The skills given by the Staff Headquarters to its units:

  • Blitzkrieg - the special skill of Wehrmacht. It adds +1 speeds and +1 initiations to all the self-propelled units. It is used from1 to 3 times for the mission depending on the unit upgrade.
  • Improved Supply - in the supply phase all the units, that are in the Headquarters zone, receive 1 supply more.
  • Front-line Artillery - the artillery units, to which this skill hasn’t been used in the current turn yet, they get an opportunity to shoot once more.
  • Strategic Defence takes away an opportunity to attack but adds +2 to the fortifications.
  • Party Order - a specific Soviet skill. It can be developed to the skills: “For the Motherland”, ”For Stalin”. The units ignore 50 % of battle suppression but after the battle all, who has ignored the suppression, die.
  • Anti-tank Hedgehog - the German skill of towing anti-tank guns with tanks. In the reality, it is a very effective method used by the Germans in the initial phase of the invasion of the USSR.
  • On the March - the armoured vehicles cover half as great again distance within a turn, if they haven’t made any other moves. It is paid with double fuel consumption and impossibility to attack in the current turn. Besides, any unit attack on the march is always unexpected.
  • Fire Suppression - a skill for the howitzer artillery. It spends 2 units of ammunition. After the unit is neutralized, the first attack will be carried out on it with the parameter “First strike”.
  • Fire Support - a skill for the howitzer and antitank artillery. It removes the fire effect on the enemy towards the suppression.
  • Defensive Support- strike fighters and dive bombers “hang” over the supporting ground unit instead of an attack or will make an assault bombardment in case of an attack on it.
  • Free Hunt-the fighter skill of Luftwaffe and the Soviet Air Force from the latter half of 1943. The fighter aircraft loses a chance to attack in its turn but it can do it during an enemy’s turn. If the enemy plane is located within 3 hexes, the fighter aircraft attacks it and returns to its place. The attacked plane loses capability to move and attack to the end of the turn.

Special Staff Headquarters skills.

These are the skills which the Staff Headquarters uses on its own.

They are the following:

  • Air Reconnaissance – the reconnaissance aircraft departure to any point within 18 hexes from the Staff Headquarters.
  • On the advanced level - “The Reconnaissance Spotter” adds the skill “Spotting” to the aircraft.
  • Front-line Aircraft – an additional aircraft attack on the above ground targets. Germany and the USSR send a usual attack bomber. “The Strategic Bombardment “ carried out on 7 hexes at once is accessible to the USA and Great Britain.  

Basing of the Staff Headquarters.

At the beginning of the war only the Germans have the self-moving Staff Headquarters in the tank game Panzer Strategy: Blitzkrieg. It moves only on the armoured personal vehicles.

The Staffs of the other countries are a slow and rather attackable target. They can fulfil their functions only being in the place. During moving they lose the possibility to affect their troops.

Besides, The Staff of the USA or Great Britain can be quartered on the battleship. It cannot be damaged or seized-only the battleship must be sunk.

The seizure and destruction of the Staff Headquarters.

The Staff loss has a negative impact on the force performance from the very beginning of the mission. He, who has seized the enemy Staff Headquarters, sees the location of every enemy unit to the end of the turn, including locations, improvements and heroes. So, save your Staff Headquarters at any price!